November 6, 2019

Engineers and engineering organisations across the country are getting involved in the Day both online and offline: More than 100 organisations have signed a pledge to increase the public visibility of more representative images of engineers and engineering Amazon Alexa will answer questions about This is Engineering Day and the role of engineers, and Amazon will run engineering-focused […]

August 26, 2019

Britain’s brightest brains design bionic commandos to fight future wars Young engineering graduates from the UK Naval Engineering Science and Technology forum (UKNEST), representing a wide cross-section of naval defence, technology and engineering organisations, were asked to plan a mid-21st Century assault by Royal Marines on an enemy missile site perched on a clifftop. They […]

January 26, 2019

Maritime 2050 has been published by the Department of Transport. This strategy sets out the government’s vision and ambitions for the future of the British maritime sector. Maritime 2050 is about anticipating the challenges and opportunities ahead and recognising the UK’s strengths so we are well placed to capitalise on them. Our ambitions and goals will […]