Gary Vine

Professional Development Case Study

Name: Gary Vine


Job Title: Survive Software Engineer, Maritime Platforms

Company: QinetiQ

Professional Body (Member of): IET

Professional Qualifications:

...... If you don’t love doing it, find something else to do .....

Brief Summary of education, career and professional progression…

I’ve been working for QinetiQ in Maritime Platforms since July 2014. I joined as a software engineer on the Survive team and am now part of the software skills group within QinetiQ. After A levels I started a mathematics degree course but quickly learnt that my passion was computing so left after the first year. I then spent some time doing freelance work writing assembler code until I was given the opportunity to join the games industry where I stayed for twenty years learning a variety of software languages, skills and everything else involved in the full software lifecycle. Back in 2009, I moved from games to a software services company where I found myself producing software for medical devices including calibration software for radiotherapy which involved a lot of image analysis work. I then moved on to a multi-processor communications project developed to SIL4 standard where I did a considerable amount of simulation and communications work prior to the real hardware being available. Since joining QinetiQ, I have become a full member of the IET and am looking forward to achieving Chartership (CEng) in the near future

Key projects undertaken throughout career

I’ve been pleased with several of the games produced in my career usually due to the technical accomplishment in producing them for the limited device they ran on, however my work on medical projects makes me proud due to the positive effects it will have on peoples lives. My current work in QinetiQ continues that theme by helping to identify and improve weaknesses in our vessels

What advantages do you feel your career path gave you?

My Career path has given me a wide variety of experience to draw upon as well as allowing me to be involved at every stage of development. This experience gives me the confidence to take on more challenging project work as well as work well both independently and with others.

Advice for future engineers or those interested in the industry

If you don’t love doing it, find something else to do. Once passed that, Software Engineers are privileged because there are very few limits to what can be achieved in software, so my advice is always start from “Of course it can be done” and then take the time to work out if that’s still true once all the requirements are specified including the limitations of time, money, hardware and resources.