Trafalgar Class SSN


Number In Class: 4 (3 de-commissioning)

Names: Torbay, Trenchant, Talent, Triumph

Dates commissioned: 1983 – 1991

Builders: Vickers Shipbuilding and Engineering

Based in: HMNB Faslane & HMNB Devonport

Principal weapon systems: 5 × 21-inch (533 mm) torpedo tubes with stowage for up to 30 weapons: Tomahawk land-attack missiles, Spearfish heavyweight torpedoes, 2 × SSE Mk8 launchers for Type 2066 and Type 2071 torpedo decoys, RESM Racal UAP passive intercept, CESM Outfit CXA, SAWCS decoys

Additional Info: Currently being replaced by the Astute Class submarines.