Type 23 Frigate


Number In Class: 16

Names: Norfolk, Marlborough, Argyll, Lancaster, Iron Duke, Monmouth, Westminster, Northumberland, Richmond, Somerset, Grafton, Sutherland, Kent, Portland, St Albans, (Almirante Cochrane, Almirante Condell, Almirante Lynch) Chilean Navy

Dates built: 1985 – 2002

Builders: Swan Hunter, Marconi Marine

Based in: HMNB Portsmouth, HMNB Devonport

Principal weapon systems: Sea Wolf, Stingray Torpedo System, Artisan 3D Radar, Lynx helicopter

Additional Information: Designed to deal with the Soviet submarine threat, the Type 23 has gone through a large number of number of upgrades and modifications to make it the versatile ship it is today. The Type 23 serves as the backbone of the Royal Navy with 13 vessels in service operating globally.