James Minty

Name: James Minty

Age: 23

University: University of Bristol

Degree: MEng Engineering Design

Date of Award: 2014

How did you hear about the scholarship scheme?

The University of Bristol Industrial Liaison Office sends out regular emails about graduate engineering job vacancies, Phd opportunities and funding. I saw the UKNEST scholarship advertised there before looking it up on the internet.

What do you think was the greatest benefit of having the scholarship?

The financial benefit was probably the greatest, as it allowed me to study without having to find a job or worry about accumulating greater loans. I’d also say that having the mentor was a great asset as it gave me informal access to someone professional in the industry to discuss career options and engineering projects with.

What other benefits did you find while being on the scholarship scheme?

I was able to network with others in the industry in areas of interest to me; for example I was put in touch with the control engineering team at Lloyds Register in Bristol because I mentioned that I was interested in the field.

Did you find the time spent with your mentor useful?

Yes, we discussed future career options and what I was doing at university. John was happy to review work before I submitted it to university, which is very useful when you have several deadlines approaching!

What meetings/events did you attend through being on the UKNEST scholarship?

I only attended meetings with my mentor. I would have gone to more events but have been very busy this year due to this being the final year of my MEng.

How has being on the scholarship scheme affected your view on the naval industry?

I feel that it has given me a very positive view of the naval engineering industry! It showed that the industry is keen to get young people interested in the area early on in their careers.

Has the scholarship had any effect on your future career path?

Yes, I have chosen to stay in the naval industry and will be joining the graduate scheme at Babcock