Naval Engineering Competition

The Royal Navy is often involved in disaster relief, together with organisations that support their operations, such as those within UKNEST.  Recently this has involved rescuing large numbers of people from the sea.  We are looking for young aspiring engineers to come up with innovative ways of achieving this.

Design a vessel that can rescue 1000 people from the sea


What’s the aim?

This design challenge aligns with the National Curriculum Key Stages 1, 2, 3 and 4 for both Science and Design & Technology. This is reflected in our set of objectives:

  • Develop scientific knowledge and conceptual understanding through engineering;
  • Develop understanding of the nature, processes and methods involved in real world application of scientific knowledge;
  • Equip students with the scientific knowledge required to understand the uses and implications of science, today and for the future;
  • Allow students to develop the creative, technical and practical expertise needed in order to participate in an increasingly technological world;
  • Build understanding and skills in order to design high quality prototype and solve real and relevant problems.

What’s it about?

This design challenge is part of the Year of Engineering 2018, an initiative aimed at showing young people how rewarding a career in engineering can be.  The challenge encourages creativity and innovative thinking beyond traditional design approaches.

What do students do?

Entrants should challenge traditional designs to produce imaginative concepts. Some questions that should be considered:

  • How can your design get quickly to the stranded people?
  • How can your design get people swiftly from the water?
  • How big does your design need to be to hold 1000 people?
  • What features have you designed that will help rescue 1000 people?
  • How will your design take care of the rescued people?
  • What materials will you need to construct your idea?

Students, individually or in small teams, should typically be allowed one month to complete the challenge, and are required to submit an A3 poster with their team’s annotated design and description.  Each design will be judged by a group of industry professionals, according to age category (Primary, Secondary, and Further), to allow for the varying levels of detail expected at different ages.  The best three designs from each Year Group will all win prizes for the school they represent.

 Years             Group             Level                       Prize

    1-6                  A               Primary                    iPad

   7 – 11                B               Secondary               iPad Pro 10.5″ 

  12 – 13               C               Further                     iPad Pro 12.9”

The winning entrants may also be invited to a prize giving event hosted by the Royal Navy.

The competition ends on the 1st December 2018.

All designs must be submitted by a school member of staff using the “Submit a Design” application form.

 For all enquiries contact