Campaign Plan

UKNEST will deliver the Campaign Plan through a Programme based on three Working Groups.

Programme Boards

There will be three Working Groups to deliver the UK NEST Campaign Plan. These will be focused on:

People (Co-Chaired by Natalie Desty & Captain Matt Bolton RN)

The People programme will lead on the key issues that have been identified as central to developing and sustaining the naval sector work-force. In particular, the programme will address:

  • Exploiting wider STEM initiatives to encourage more students to study Science, Technology , Engineering and Mathematics subjects at school and in further and higher education.
  • Encouraging career transfers to the naval sector from other industries, particularly over the 35-45 year age range.
  • Creating a manpower model to analyse the naval sector including MoD, RN and Industry.
  • Establishing processes and tools for knowledge capture from the large number of potential retirees within the sector who will remove a significant body of knowledge and experience over the next decade.

Technology (Co-Chaired by Captain Paul Carroll RN & Jim Kelly)

The Technology programme will focus on increasing the levels of research and development investment in the naval sector. This will require collaboration and coordination between UK NEST Members as well as better interaction with academia and potential sources of funding, both within UK and wider EU.

Communications (Chaired by Ben Dobson)

The Communications programme will lead on promoting UK NEST and ensuring that its activities are widely circulated.