L3 Marine Systems UK

L-3 Marine Systems UK (MSUK) division was created in 2005 as a UK provider for the L-3 MAPPS division in Montreal, Canada. L-3 MSUK has offices in Barrow, Burgess Hill and Bristol and currently employs over 140 skilled employees including Through-Life Support Specialists, Marine Engineers, System and Test Engineers, and Hardware and Software Designers.

L-3 MSUK, with its 25+ year history, provides extensive infrastructure geared to developing, delivering and fully supporting tailored cutting-edge Navigation, Communication, Automation and Training Solutions for the commercial and military marine sectors, including the Royal Navy’s Surface, Sub-surface Fleets and European Commercial Market.

L-3 MSUK is now a market leader in Platform Management Systems (PMS), with PMS on the Astute-Class Submarines, Albion-Class Landing Platform Dock, Queen Elizabeth-Class Aircraft Carrier and L-3 MSUK PMS has recently been selected for the Type 26 frigate Detail Design and Assessment phase.

L-3 MSUK also provides Through Life Management (TLM), In-Service-Support and Training for the Astute-Class submarines and Albion-Class amphibious ships.

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