UKNEST STEM Scholarships


Each academic year, UKNEST engages with universities and colleges across the UK to offer a number of scholarships. The scholarships are for 1 year and open to students studying any STEM subject who are interested in pursuing a career in the UK Maritime Defence Sector.

Please be aware when considering subsequent work placements and employment opportunities, most employers within this sector require UK security clearance for specific positions.

Each Scholarship will offer the successful student the following benefits:

  • UKNEST graduate buddy
  • Mentoring from a UKNEST Member Organisation
  • The potential for work-placement with a UKNEST Organisation
  • Funding of £1,500

2023 Engineering, Science & Technology Scholarships

Applications for the 2023 UKNEST Scholarships are now OPEN

United Kingdom Naval Engineering Science & Technology (UKNEST) offers 12 Scholarships to students studying at UK universities & colleges. The Scholarships are open to students registered on any STEM subject degree. Most employers within this sector require UK security clearance for specific projects and positions.

The Scholarships are only available to students studying at UK universities and colleges.

UKNEST promotes diversity and inclusion and welcomes applications from students of all backgrounds and those studying broad engineering, science and technology subjects. Scholarships are for ONE year only.

Applicants are required to submit a Cover Letter, CV, Reference (from their university or college tutor) and answer the following essay question (maximum 500 words):

As new technologies come into service to tackle the challenges of Climate Change, older technologies retire. How might the Royal Navy use its older, retiring technology to contribute towards a net zero sustainable future without increasing its carbon footprint?

Successful applicants will be called for interview before final selection as a UKNEST Scholar.

The Deadline for Applications is 22 Sep 23.

    Application Form

    Max file size: 1mb per attachment

    I was fortunate enough to receive a UKNEST scholarship during the final year of my Computer Science Bachelor's degree at the University of Edinburgh. Alongside the generous financial support, the mentorship and support I received from both my Mentor at Lockheed Martin and my Buddy at BAE Systems Submarines was superb. I gained fantastic insights into the naval and military industries, all while being supported for the costs of all of my Master's applications! I would highly recommend applying!

    Matthew Timmons-Brown

    UKNEST Scholar

    The UKNEST Scholarship Programme has been an unbelievable opportunity to advance my career in the naval sector. The funding has allowed me to focus on obtaining the best possible academic grades whilst my mentors have helped me explore the different jobs suited to my interests. I would highly recommend all students to apply!

    Jasmin Brittan

    UKNEST Scholar

    I would like to thank the team at UKNEST and all its participants for the opportunity and support afforded to me this year. I have been able to make great use of the facilities afforded to me and that UKNEST has had a profound impact on my career path to come.

    Jake Richardson

    UKNEST Scholar

    As a UKNEST Scholar, I have had access to a host of opportunities that have enabled me to grow academically and beyond this year. The funding that accompanies the programme has given me the chance to complete an exciting 12-week internship in thermofluids this summer, giving me some practical experience of working on a long-term project that complements the theoretical nature of my degree. I have also benefited greatly from the advice and unique perspectives that both my mentor and buddy have been able to offer. I would highly recommend this scholarship to anyone considering naval engineering because it is a great way to gain some insight to the sector, understand where this industry is heading and how you can contribute and make real change early in your career.

    Farheen Muhammed

    UKNEST Scholar

    Having the privilege of being a UKNEST scholar has enabled me to gain further knowledge and contacts in the defence industry through both my buddy and mentor. I have also had the opportunity to go on two site visits and engage with other engineers, both site visits were very interesting and insightful.

    James Fletcher

    UKNEST Scholar