Date Posted: 12th January 2023

Bronington Trust achieves charitable status

The HMS Bronington Preservation Trust has announced that achieving charitable status will significantly help the fund-raising efforts in the hope of saving King Charles’ Cold War-era, wooden-hulled minesweeper.  Following a successful dive survey last June it is hoped that ship could be re-floated soon.   Mike McBride, of the trust, said: ‘Now that we’ve received charitable status, we’re a major step closer to obtaining the necessary funds to refloat, land and commence restoration of the historic Royal Navy vessel HMS Bronington.’

Following salvage and recovery and delivery to a nearby shipyard at Birkenhead it is planned to lift the ship onto a slipway using a bespoke steel cradle to enable removal of any toxic or polluting materials and stabilisation of the ship’s condition.  Restoration, as a museum ship or to a fully seaworthy condition is dependent on further surveys and availability of funds.

King Charles, speaking in June, said: ‘I was delighted to learn about the renewed efforts to salvage my old ship from her moorings in Birkenhead. I have many fond memories of my time in HMS Bronington in 1976 and it is a particular pleasure to keep in touch with those who served on board under my command.’


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