Date Posted: 2nd February 2024

FutureNEST deliver Project Zeus and 2GenA workshops at Navy Command HQ

This week, FutureNEST delivered two interactive workshops at Navy Command HQ, Project Zeus: Visioneering the future operating environment, and 2GenA: How does the Royal Navy acquire talent in generations to come?

The FutureNEST Board presented the initial findings from both projects to an audience of serving Royal Navy personnel, including Vice Admiral Martin Connell CBE, and a strong contingent of fellow young professional FutureNESTers, representing 11 UKNEST member organisations across industry and the MoD.

In-depth discussion was held on the key themes, in which the forum’s diversity in background and experience generated thought-provoking ideas, concepts, and opinion. Here are some of the questions we posed to the floor:

Project Zeus

  • What is the Navy’s role in the fight against climate change?
  • What are the opportunities and threats around operating in new navigable waters?
  • How should the Navy handle the increase in proliferation of low cost yet effective autonomous weapons?


  • How does the Navy deal with the changes in operational structure due to the changes in priorities as new generations join the force?
  • The connectivity issue – People have super computers in their hands every day and can speak to anyone around the world at any point. How can we expect new joiners to sacrifice this when they go on deployments?
  • People’s lives change vastly over 20 years in service. Does the career profile need to evolve with people’s personal situations?

Thank you very much to Navy Command HQ for supporting us in bringing together industry and the Royal Navy to deliver these workshops, and to Vice Admiral Martin Connell CBE for inspiring our projects. We are excited and proud to be tackling some of the most prominent challenges faced by the service today, and we are looking forward to future projects and continuing to support the Royal Navy.

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